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My name is one for the European mountain ash. I promised people greater vitality. Even today, my red berries adorn the sticks of shepherds. Now my name is the name of the music made by the unique voice of Lara Wedekind and the dynamic interpretations of Cyprien Rochat, Valentin von Fischer and Vincent Millioud. From traditional English, French, Irish, Scottish songs to more contemporary melodies, my folk music gracefully unfolds its Nordic landscape.

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dec, 2023, Thuner Adventskalender,

23.12.2023, international x-mas,

08.12.2023, Mundwerk

06.12.2023, Offene Kirche, Halb eins, Wort, Musik, Stille

17.11.2023, Châteaux Salavaux

28.10.2023, Funky Fish, Konzertbeginn 20:00

24.09.2022, privater Anlass feat. Murat Cevik, OW

10.09.2022, privater Anlass, GR

10.09.2022, privater Anlass, feat. Malinbeg, Interlaken

03.09.2022, Solothurner Musiktage,

20.08.2022, privater Anlass, feat. Malinbeg, GR

01.08.2022, privater Anlass VS,

01.08.2022, Rowan Duo, Champéry, VS

30.07.2022, Rowan Duo, Champéry, VS

02.07.2022. Längmuur- Spielplatz Fest, BE

09.06.2022, Domizil, BE

15.05.2022, Werkstattkonzert, pianoeforte, BE

26.03.2022, privater Anlass, LU

03.02.2022, Rowan Duo, Bücherbergwerk, BE

04.12.2021, Honky Tonk Festival, Thun - abgesagt

25.09.2021  privater Anlass feat Malinbeg, AG

03.09.2021, privater Anlass, BE

21.08.2021, privater Anlass, BE

14.08.2021, St. Marienkirche, BE

© ROWAN, 2023. Fotos Lara Wedekind,

Video Fabian Werren, Anouk Muggli & Lara Wedekind,

Sound; Lara Wedekind.

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